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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Answer - It is free to use this site for referenence only.  You are encouraged to use this site to gain a better understanding of the business and community enterprise services availble in the Echuca / Moama and immediated surrounding areas.

Are all local businesses and community groups listed?

Answer - Unfortunately No.  Whilst Echucaweb aims to provide an affordable listing for all locally based business and community enterprise, some entities have chosen; for whatever reason, not to be listed.

What does it cost? can provide a free listing for non-profit community enterprises such as clubs ( i.e. Service, Family History, etc.) where no individual receives a wage or administrative payment / financial benefit from the club activities.

Echucaweb charges an annual fee ( $22.00 inc. per listing per year ) to profit and not-for-profit based enterprises.  This annual fee helps offset site maintanance, and content validation costs.  Details on what is provided for a standard 'paid' listing are available in Our Services page --> Here.

Why be involved?

Echucaweb aims to help attract revenue to those local enterprises that wish to be listed.  The following is not rocket science ... statistically, money spent with locally owned enterprises will return approximately 4.5 times.  If local shopping behaviours can be changed, local sustainability, economic development, and local jobs could result.  Shopping out of town or with national / international 'on-line' entities 'white-ants' this opportunity as profits will leave this area. is truely local and provides a cost effective service.

Can any enterprise be listed?

Answer - Yes ( but there is caveat .. read on .. )    Echucaweb only provides listings to local enterprises.  'The rule of thumb is local '; enterprises must have a physical local presence in Echuca / Moama or immediated surrounding areas.  If your business or community group does not have a local presence, then it will not be listed.

How to join provides a Come Aboard form for eligable enterprises to help those; not listed in a serach of this site, to submit their details.  An enterprise that has been listed in the past, or has lost their access details can used the Sitemap > Member Login > Forgot details form to retrieve this login information to their listed email address.  The Come Aboard page can be found under Sitemap, or is linked --> Here.

Is Echucaweb local? is locally owned and operated; unlike competitors that make similar claims.

Competition is well aware of many competitors; not only other internet directories that have materialised in the last few years, but also tradition sources including National Enterprises that have moved from paper-based formats to internet-based listing services.

Notice any errors?

Often changes occur quickly, and keeping abreast of amendments is an ongoing activity.  If you see an error, or know of an impending change please email us using the Contact Us link --> Here..  Thank you in anticipation of your assistance, support, and custom.